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Paton Eugene Oskarovich

Paton Eugene Oskarovich

An outstanding Ukrainian scientist in the field of welding processes and bridge construction, Academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1929). Honored Scientist of the USSR (1940). Founder and first head of the Institute of Electric Welding of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Є.О. Paton was born on March 5, 1870, in Nice, France, devoted almost all of his mature life to the formation and development of welding, has more than 93 works in the field of welding, made a fundamental contribution to the development of Ukraine as an industrial state.

In 1941-1943, the "father" of welding conducted research on the technology of welding special steels, the physical basis of burning arc under the flux, weldability of metals, creates a new class of welded structures, manages the creation of welded pipes, ships, machines for various purposes. He is the author and project manager of more than 100 welded bridges. Among them is one of the largest in the world - a welded bridge across the Dnieper in Kiev.

Oscar Petrovich Paton, 1900 Oscar Petrovich Paton, 1900
...I want you to be a serious person, to be needed by someone other than yourself and your parents.
О.P. Paton
... I know that gives the greatest joy. This is the ability to set yourself a small but independent goal and persistently seek to achieve it. Knowing what you want to achieve in life is a great happiness. My choice was made firmly: I will build bridges.
E.О. Paton
High school student Eugene Paton, <br>Breslau 1886 High school student Eugene Paton,
Breslau 1886
  • Love of independence
  • Pride incompatible with precaution before superiors. That's why I was always ashamed to ask for myself.
  • Poorly developed sociability, as a result of which I was little in the company and had a small circle of acquaintances.
  • Highly developed practicality. In any work, I am always primarily interested in its purpose and practical purpose.
  • Success in work.
  • Demanding of subordinates and yourself too.
  • Persistence in carrying out the planned (outlined, defined) goal.
Electric welding
Science goes into production
Boris Paton

Paton Boris

Ukrainian scientist in the field of welding processes, metallurgy and metal technology, Doctor of Technical Sciences (1952); President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (1962-2020), twice Hero of Socialist Labor, the first to be awarded the Hero of Ukraine award.

Director of the Eugene Paton Institute of Electric Welding of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (since 1953); General Director of the Interdisciplinary Scientific and Technical Complex "EA Paton Institute of Electric Welding" (since 1986); President of the International Association of Academies of Sciences (since 1993); member of the Council for Science and Science and Technology Policy under the President of Ukraine (since March 1996); Chairman of the Committee on the State Prize of Ukraine in the Field of Science and Technology (since December 1996); member of the State Commission for Reform, Development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, other military formations, armaments and military equipment (since March 2003); First Deputy Chairman of the National Council for Sustainable Development of Ukraine (since May 2003).
Remember: we were not born to stand still. Do not let the active voltage weaken. Appreciate each day and hour. Even ancient thinkers realized that it is man, human life - the measure of everything. Your own life is no exception ...

B.E. PAton