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Maintenance of welding inverters

The following types of regular maintenance of welding inverters are provided:

  • check inspection (CI);
  • maintenance (M).

CI is carried out before and after using the device or its transportation. When performing CI, it is necessary to check the reliability of fastening of all connectors, absence of damage of the housing, control system, power supply cables.

Before the end of the warranty period, user can only carry out a check external inspection of the device. After the end of the warranty period, subject to continued use of equipment, maintenance should be carried out regularly.

Maintenance includes:

  • visual inspection;
  • internal cleaning of the device;
  • checking, cleaning, pulling the joints of the power contacts of the device.

External examination of the apparatus is carried out to detect external defects without opening. When external examination is performed, it is should be checked:

  • no violation of power cable insulation;
  • lack of mechanical damage of the sockets for connecting cables, controls and housing.

Internal cleaning of the device is carried out in order to remove dust and dirt trapped inside during operation. To do this, open the lid, gently blow the device out with compressed air, clean it from dirt, then close the lid.

Periodically check all connections of the device (especially power welding connectors), tighten loose connections. If oxidation of the contacts occurs, remove it with abrasive paper and reconnect the wires.

Periodically check the integrity of the insulation of all cables. If insulation is damaged, insulate place of the damage or replace the cable.

Do not allow water, steam, or other liquids to enter the apparatus. If water does get inside, wipe it dry and check the insulation (both in the connection itself and between the connector and the housing).

Regular maintenance allows you to avoid many problems in the equipment and ensures its long uninterrupted operation.