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Push-Pull torches with PATON MIG/MAG welding machines

Push-Pull torches with PATON MIG/MAG welding machines

Published: 21/07/2022

Now industrial MIG/MAG PATON ProMIG-500-15-4-400V and ProMIG-630-15-4-400V machines, at the client’s request, can be equipped with powerful Push-Pull burners from the German company ABICOR BINZEL. Such torches provide a stable supply of soft aluminum wire of small diameters through a long torch sleeve (from 5 meters).

The powerful torch motor that “pulls” the wire is equipped with a potentiometer for fine adjustment of the feeding speed. Also, the burner makes it possible to conveniently and quickly adjust the pressure of the feed rollers on the wire, even during welding, to ensure optimal feeding, without loss of wire due to possible friction on the roller. The ergonomic handle provides optimal control, while the special interface between the handle and gooseneck allows the gooseneck to rotate 360°.

Due to its reliability, this type of torch is the standard in the shipbuilding, container, automotive, and wagon industries, where accurate and stable wire feed is an absolute must.