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Quickness - warranty for a period of 1 to 5 days (the time includes delivery time to the service center)
Free shipping to the service center for one year
Professionalism - in our service center your equipment will be in reliable hands of the best experts of Ukraine who are guaranteed to eliminate any problems with your equipment
How to hand over the device for repair:
  • 1. Prepare a faulty device and an original warranty card
  • 2. Make sure that the warranty card is filled in correctly
  • 3. Call +38 095 271 54 38 for more information
  • 4. Send the device and warranty card to our service center at st. Novopyrohivska, 66, Kyiv
Warning! If as a result of diagnostics of the welding equipment it is established that the malfunction arose because of the buyer, the status of repair changes to non-warranty. The cost of such repairs is calculated on the basis of the price list of the service center. The service center has the right to refuse warranty repair if the warranty card is not filled in or filled in illegibly, and also if the serial number on the device is removed, erased, changed or illegible.

The guarantee is valid only on the territory of Ukraine. The warranty does not apply to products exported from Ukraine to other countries.
Detailed service conditions for welding equipment PATON™
street Novopyrohivska, 66, Kyiv +38 095 271 54 38

Service center operation mode PATON:

Mon-Fri 07:30-16:30
Sat, Sun Weekend

Receipt and delivery of products:

Mon-Thu 9:00-17:00
Fri 9:00 до 16:00