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Published: 31/08/2021 Times Read: 3149

The PRO series is a series of professional inverters used in a variety of industrial and specialized fields: 

  • in industrial plants, factories 
  • for the installation of metal structures; 
  • in the construction of buildings and bridges; 
  • in the field of shipbuilding 
  • for welding train cars 
  • for welding boilers, pipelines, construction machinery 
  • at service stations 
  • in the fields of utilities, gas and farms. 

For use in such areas, the equipment must be reliable, powerful, easy to use and withstand long loads. 

Our inverters of the PRO series, which is a series of devices with a rated current of 160A to 630A, fully meet the requirements of every professional user, because they have the following characteristics and advantages: 

  • fully digital control method 
  • load time up to 70% 
  • compactness and light weight, compared with third-party equipment 

Also, One of the main advantages is the versatility of the PRO series inverters - when connecting the wire supply unit, the inverter can be used as a semi-automatic. 

To ensure the professional quality of the devices and the above advantages, in their production we use only the best components from well-known manufacturers - Infenion (Germany), Vishay (USA), Cree (USA), Kendeil (Italy) , Abicor Binzel (Germany). 

We are proud that our products are now a reliable assistant for many professional users and companies not only in Ukraine but also abroad. 

If you are also a user of PRO series inverters - your feedback and suggestions so that we can use them to improve for you.

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