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PATON™ ProMIG-500-15-4

Code: 0030
Code: 0030
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  • 46000 грн
Pay in installments
7666 hrn
x 6 month
Rated power supply voltage, V 380/400
Rated welding current (A) 500
Operating load factor 70%
Power supply voltage range (V) 380±15%
Welding current control range (A) 15 - 500
Diameter of a stick electrode, mm 1,6-6
Diameter of solid welding wire, mm 0,6 - 1,6
Rated power consumption, kVA 22,6-25
Maximum consumption,power kVA 28,9
Protection rate IP21
Weight, kg 31,2
Warranty period, month 24

Inverter digital semi-automatic PATON ProMIG-500-15-4 is a device for industrial use, designed for manual arc welding (RDA "MMA"), argon arc welding (ARG "TIG") and semi-automatic welding (NA "MIG/MAG"), permanent shaking The device ProMIG-500-15-4 implemented a fully digital method of control, due to which its multifunctionality and wide possibilities in precise adjustment of welding modes are ensured. Increased load duration on the nominal current up to 500А, allows working with any electrodes with a diameter from 1.6 mm to refractory 6 mm, as well as semi-automatic welding with a solid wire with a diameter from 0.6 to 1.6 mm. Thanks to two-hull execution, the current source can be easily separated from the wire supply unit, which significantly increases the mobility and convenience of operation in MMA and TIG modes.

PATON ProMIG-500-15-4 is equipped with a high-quality metal 4-roller wire feeding mechanism with a powerful sealed engine, and a universal connector of KZ-2 type "EURO" allows you to connect welding burners from a wide range of manufacturers. Powerful bracket for welding wire allows you to install coils weighing up to 15 kg. The ProMIG-500-15-4 model, combined with high power and performance, has a small weight and overall dimensions. And thanks to LCD screens, the device is easy and convenient to configure to solve any problem. The device is equipped with high-quality accessories from ABICOR BINZEL, which allow you to immediately start working in MIG/MAG and MMA modes.

Complete set
  • The welding unit
  • WIre feed mechanism15-4 500 PRO
  • Operation manual
  • PATON™ branded carton box