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Code: 20324508
Code: 20324508
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  • 7199 грн
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1199 hrn
x 6 month
Rated power supply voltage, V 220/230
Rated welding current (A) 160
Operating load factor 70%
Power supply voltage range (V) 160 - 260
Welding current control range (A) 8 - 160
Diameter of a stick electrode, mm 1,6-4,0
Diameter of solid welding wire, mm 0,6 - 1
Rated power consumption, kVA 4,0-4,6
Maximum consumption,power kVA 6,2
Protection rate IP33
Overall dimensions, WxLxH, mm 110х330х250
Weight, kg 5,4
Warranty period, month 60

Digital welding inverter PATON PRO‐160 is designed for manual metal arc welding (MMA), tungsten arc inert gas welding (TIG) and semiautomatic metal inert/active gas welding (MIG/MAG) in the atmosphere of shielding gas or mixture (as a source with an external feeding machine) using direct current Advantageous completely digital control implemented in the design of the machine provides freedom from limitations typical for multi‐functional systems based on analogous control system, which are always inherently geared towards a specific mode, while other modes are additional and have drawbacks in terms of control. On the contrary, control board of a completely digital system offers all capabilities of the source within the range of its full power, regardless of the mode of use. This Professional series is designed for industrial use. Due to additional adjustments, the inverter rectifier can be set to optimum settings in various applications. They provide virtually uninterruptible load duration atfull fairrated current of 160 A, which is sufficientfor work with any electrodes from Ф1.6 mm in diameter up, as well as for semiautomatic solid wire welding featuring wire from Ф0.6 mm. Initially, the source is set to settings, which are optimum for most applications, and is quite easy to use if you do not go into details of settings, which require good welder's skills. For safety in dangerous working conditions, the rectifier is equipped with an in‐built unit for open‐circuit voltage reduction in MMA mode, which can be enabled or disabled.

This PRO model by PATON is equipped with a unit for undervoltage, as well as short-time overvoltage, protection. Due to increased frequency of voltage supplied to the transformer,the transformer can be made several tenfolds smaller. That is why weight and overall dimensions of this machine is several times smaller than those of regular equipment with identical output parameters.

Complete set
  • The welding unit
  • The shoulder-carry belt
  • PATON™ branded plastic case
  • The welding cable 3 m in length with an Abicor Binzel DE2200 electrode holder
  • The welding cable 2 m in length with a Abicor Binzel МК300 grounding clamp
  • The operation manual