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Published: 24/08/2021 Times Read: 541

Today our independent and free country is 30 years old. 

During these difficult years of our independence we build and develop our country, the efforts of each of us - it is a contribution to the prosperity of the country and its prosperity.  

The main wealth of our country is its people, just as unconquered, free, majestic and proud. Without the people - there is no state and the people are its heart, soul and character. Our country has strengthened its independence through the wishes and actions of each of us. 

On behalf of our company, we sincerely congratulate you on our national holiday! 

We wish every citizen of our independent state a peaceful heaven over your head, health, prosperity and well-being in the family, happiness and joy every day. 

Let all troubles pass you by your way, and troubles and sorrows never visit your home. 

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