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PATON™ ECO-315-400V

Code: 4010523
Code: 4010523
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  • 10999 грн
Pay in installments
1833 hrn
x 6 month
Rated power supply voltage, V 220/230
Rated welding current (A) 315
Operating load factor 40%
Power supply voltage range (V) 160-260
Welding current control range (A) 50 - 315
Diameter of a stick electrode, mm 1,6-6
Rated power consumption, kVA 10,1
Maximum consumption,power kVA 12,7
Protection rate IP33
Overall dimensions, WxLxH, mm 145х315х295
Weight, kg 6,3
Warranty period, month 36

Invertor rectifiers PATON ECO-315 is intended for DC manual metal arc welding (MMA). This Standard series is for demanding users who need the most compact and powerful machine with a rated current of 315A. This is enough to use any electrodes, Ø2 mm to Ø6 mm, including high-melting ones, while the load duration at the rated current is at least 45%, which allows to use the machine both in the domestic and industrial sectors (medium-size enterprises, large workshops, fleets, etc.). All PATON ECO’s have undervoltage protection units.

Due to the increase in the frequency of the voltage applied to the power transformer, it decreases by ten folds, so the machine is a few times lighter and smaller compared to the classical rectifier with the same output parameters and for the same rated current.

Complete set
  • The welding unit
  • The shoulder-carry belt
  • PATON™ branded corrugated box
  • The welding cable 3 m in length with an Abicor Binzel DE2300 electrode holder
  • The welding cable 3 m in length with a Abicor Binzel МК300 grounding clamp
  • The operation manual