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PATON™ Cooler-7

Code: 4010143
Code: 4010143
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  • 9999 грн
Pay in installments
1666 hrn
x 6 month
Rated power supply voltage, V 380/400
Power supply voltage range (V) 220±15%
Overall dimensions, WxLxH, mm 288х525х382
Weight, kg 17
Warranty period, month 12
PATON Cooler-7 is designed to provide excellent cooling accessories (welding torches, plasma torches), when operating with the welding apparatus and installations plasma cutting. Cooler-7 model provides a reliable cooling of the burner works at high currents (> 300A for semiautomatic and> 140A for TIG welding) and is an integral part of the welding equipment operating in these conditions. Cooler-7 accommodates up to 7 liters of coolant and provides its circulation in a closed system with a high capacity (liquid supply to a height of 10 meters) and productivity (up to 6.5 l / min).
Complete set
  • Autonomous cooling unit
  • Jumper strap
  • Quick-release nipple
  • Metal clamp
  • Branded carton box PATON™ 
  • The operation manual