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Welding mask STRAZH RH30

Welding mask STRAZH RH30
Code: 000002
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  • 660 грн
Pay in installments
110 hrn
x 6 month
Welding mode MIG/MMA/LiftTIG
Dimming degree, din 9-13
Скорость срабатывания, cек 1/25000
Delay time, sec 0,1-1,0
Количество сенсоров, шт 2
Viewing area, mm 93х43
Light filter window size, mm 110х90х9
Battery +

The STRAZH RH30 welding mask is used in MMA, MIG, MAG, LIFT-TIG welding modes to protect the eyes and face from sparks, splashes and radiation  

Main characteristics:

  • automatic dimming of the light filter in case of welding arc and automatic lighting in case of disappearance of welding arc 
  • presence of smooth adjustment of degree of dimming and delay of dimming of light filter, combined power supply system of light filter 
  • thermal and mechanical strength of the housing 
  • the light filter is protected by a polycarbonate glass coating 
  • good visibility during welding due to the use of a larger light filter 
  • the mask is equipped with a modern, most convenient to use head fastening with step adjustment of length of parietal and occipital parts

Production has certificates UkrSEPRO, ESC, CE, SGS.