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Welding mask COMANDOR 423R

Welding mask COMANDOR 423R
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  • 1401 грн
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233 hrn
x 6 month
Welding mode MIG/TIG/MMA
Dimming degree, din 5-9/9-13
Скорость срабатывания, cек 1/10000
Delay time, sec 0,25-0,7
Количество сенсоров, шт 4
Viewing area, mm 100х49
Light filter window size, mm 133х114
Battery +

The COMANDOR 423R chameleon welding mask is widely used in MMA, MIG, MAG, TIG welding modes for small businesses and domestic work. 

  • enlarged field of view 
  • the mask has an external dimming adjustment 
  • automatic transition from light to dark and back. 
  • four sensors provide a high dimming speed of the viewing window. 
  • heavy-duty housing and high-quality filter to protect the eyes and face and provide long-term operation of the mask 
  • solar battery allows you to work with the welder's mask without replacing the batteries 

Products are certified UkrSEPRO, ESC, CE, SGS.

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