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Welding mask ADF 600S

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  • 3869 грн
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644 hrn
x 6 month
Welding mode ММА/TIG DC&AC/TIG Pulse DC&AC/MIG/MAG
Dimming degree, din 9-13
Скорость срабатывания, cек 1/16000
Delay time, sec 0,25-0,30; 0,65-0,80
Количество сенсоров, шт 2
Viewing area, mm 98х44
Light filter window size, mm 110х90х9
Battery -

Welding helmet ADF 600S from the German manufacturer of welding equipment ABICOR BINZEL is a high-quality and reliable protective chameleon mask that effectively protects the face and eyes during the welding process. A mask with an automatic light filter allows you to carry out the entire cycle of work without removing it. The filter is made of polarizing films that block infrared and ultraviolet radiation. The light filter is instantly darkened when the welding arc appears, so harmful radiation cannot harm the welder's eyesight. 

The mask has 4 adjustments: 

Shade level - allows you to set the shade level of the filter during welding. 

Sensitivity - adjusts the brightness threshold of the welding arc, at which the filter will be triggered. 

Delay - change the time the filter returns from dark to light. 

Switching modes "welding" and “cutting.” 

The ADF 600S Welding Protector is an excellent protection for professional welders. While working with this mask, eye fatigue is reduced, and this increases labor productivity. Additional convenience is provided by the light weight of the mask and the clever attachment. A place for a respirator is provided.

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