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Conquering new horizons: meet the micro-welding equipment from Paton!

Conquering new horizons: meet the micro-welding equipment from Paton!

Published: 18/12/2021 Times Read: 845

PATON MicroWelding-80 is a small, compact and unique inverter for professional use that you will not find in any Ukrainian manufacturer!

From now on, only in the Paton range can you purchase micro-welding equipment used in areas such as:

  •        repair of molds and stamps;
  •         repair of spectacle frames;
  •        jewelry repair;
  •        repair of medical devices;
  •        assembly production of electronic components;
  •        design studios and creative workshops.

With the help of PATON MicroWelding-80 you will be able to conveniently weld very small parts without worrying about the quality of the weld, because it will be perfect.

The device is designed specifically for very painstaking work and can be used in jewelry factories to create jewelry, and in workshops for repairing optics, medical devices and for creativity.

Paton - create something unique!

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  • Code: 20211217
    • 25000 грн
    Buy in credit
    • Supply voltage 230V AC 50 Hz
    • Power up to 600 Wt
    • Current consumption up to 3 А
    • Load duration 80%
    • Gas Argon
    • Insulation Class В
    • Protection class IP21S
    • Overall dimensions 250х250х250 mm
    • Weight 6 kg
    • Welding time 1-30 ms
    • Pre- purge time 0,1-5 s
    • Post-purge time 0,1-5 s
    • The shape of the pulse Rectangular
    • Pulse current adjustment 2-100%
    • Possibility to connect tinted glass +
    • Possibility of connection of illumination +
    • Possibility of the pedal connection +
    • Possibility of the absorber connection +