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Welding control pedal PATON WCP-321

Code: p-0001
Code: p-0001
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  • 1775 грн
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295 hrn
x 6 month
Dimensions, mm 290х220х150
Weight, kg 2,5
Cable length, m 3,8
Connector GX16 5pin
Compatibility PATON™ ProTIG-315 AC/DC

The control pedal is designed to control the ignition of the arc and the smooth regulation of the welding current during argon arc welding. The use of such a pedal will significantly increase the convenience and efficiency of work by removing the exertion from the welder’s hand of constantly pressing the button on the torch and preventing distraction to regulate the current directly on the welding unit, which can be quite prolonged in cases when the device is several meters away.