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PATON™ StandardCUT-100 without plasmatron

Code: 4013440
PATON™ StandardCUT-100 without plasmatron
Code: 4013440
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  • 35463 грн
Pay in installments
5910 hrn
x 6 month
Rated power supply voltage, V 380/400
Operating load factor 50%
Power supply voltage range (V) 360-420
Welding current control range (A) 35 - 100
Rated power consumption, kVA 13,2
Maximum consumption,power kVA 16,5
Protection rate IP21
Overall dimensions, WxLxH, mm 225х560х440
Weight, kg 25,8
Warranty period, month 12
PATON StandardCUT-100 is designed for cutting metals and alloys with a plasma arc in the airflow. This ""Standard"" series unit, is a reasonable compromise between power, functionality and small overall dimensions. Due to the high frequency inverter, the unit has a smaller mass and dimensions as compared with the classical equipment. Pneumatic system with two valves allows soft ignition reduced spattering and increases the resource torch consumables.
Complete set
  • Plasma cutting unit with network cable, 3 m
  • Branded carton box PATON™
  • Welding cable with "mass" terminal ABICOR BINZEL, 4 m 
  •  Quick lifting with tree for compressed air 
  •  Operating Manual