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Paying in pieces is convenient, fast and beneficial

Paying in pieces is convenient, fast and beneficial

Published: 27/10/2021 Times Read: 782

For your convenience when ordering and to simplify the purchase process, we have added new credit opportunities to the site! 

From now on, on very favorable terms of installments and "Payment in installments", you can buy the desired equipment now, without paying high percentages and commissions.

The following programs from the leading banks and financial organizations of Ukraine operate on our site: 

1)  Payment in installments from PrivatBank 

To be able to use the service you only need to have a card "PrivatBank" "Universal" and a limit on "Payment in installments." 

 The percentage of the bank for using the service is 0.01 %.

 2) Payment in installments from "Monobank" 

 To be able to use the service you need to have a black card "Monobank" and a limit on "Payment in installments" . 

 The  percentage of the bank for using the service is 0.032%.

 3) Credit line from "CreditMarket" 

 For registration services you need perform the following actions: 

  •  choose the goods 
  • choose the method of payment "On credit" from CreditMarket 
  •  fill in and send the questionnaire to 
  •  get a positive decision on your application within 30 minutes 
  •  get information from a CreditMarket employee about the nearest point of registration of documents 
  • after signing the loan agreement to pick up the goods at the point of issue or expect delivery of your goods 

 The percentage of the financial institution for the use of the service is 0.01% per year. 

 Also, new lending opportunities will soon appear on our site, among which you will be able to choose the best offer just for you. 

 Buy convenient and profitable on

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