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Start of production of PATON ™ inverter units for currents of 400, 500 and 630 amperes


Experts of Pilot Paton Plant completed the development and started production of the first batch of inverter rectifiers, with welding currents of 400, 500 and 630 amperes.

The devices are designed to operate in all welding modes MMA/TIG/MIG/MAG, with welding currents up to 400, 500 and 630 amperes, respectively, which allows to provide welding works with a coated electrode of any diameter or welding wire up to Ø2 mm.

To preserve the reliability, the new devices are based on well-proven design and technological solutions that have been used in the professional series Plant’s products for a number of years. PATON™ VDI-400, VDI-500 and VDI-630 are powered from a 380V 3-phase power line without using a neutral conductor.

As always, a distinctive feature of the new PATON™ inverters is their weight and size characteristics. For example, the weight of the new VDI-500 is only about 30 kilograms. Another distinctive characteristic of the devices is the multilingual interface - now every welder can work with an inverter choosing the most convenient language for the settings menu and informational notifications.

VDI-400, VDI-500 and VDI-630 announced inverter rectifiers are the first stage of the project to create powerful inverter welding equipment from PATON™. During the next stages, it is planned to develop inverter-type devices for welding currents from 800 to 1250 amperes, which in the near future should replenish the Plant's product range.

From today, pre-order for VDI-400, VDI-500 and VDI-630 devices is open! To make an application, you can contact one of the dealers of PATON™ products in the regions or leave an application on the website paton.ua using the online chat form.

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