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Start of sales of PATON™ UONI 7018 ELITE electrodes


The Pilot Paton Plant starts selling the PATON ™ UONI 7018 ELITE welding electrodes!

These electrodes are designed for welding in all spatial positions (except for vertical top-down) of critical structures and pipelines made of carbon and low-alloy steels with a tensile strength of 500 MPa to 640 MPa. Compared to traditional UONI 13/55 electrodes, PATON™ UONI 7018 ELITE electrodes have better welding and technological properties, namely, lower slag fluidity when welding in spatial positions, easier detachment of the slag crust in the preparation of butt welds, fillet and tee welds, provide soft arc burning both in direct and alternating current with minimal spatter.

The coating of the PATON™ UONI 7018 ELITE electrodes contains iron powder, which allows to reduce the specific consumption of electrodes per unit of deposited metal in comparison with the classical electrodes UONI 13/55 and UONI 13/45

You can order PATON™ UONI 7018 ELITE electrodes at

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