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ProMIG-500-1 - the latest inverter semiautomatic device from PATON ™


The range of PATON™ professional semi-automatic machines has replenished with the new industrial ProMIG-500-1 device, which operating at currents up to 500 amperes. The device is intended for industrial use in three welding modes: semi-automatic (MIG / MAG) and argon arc welding (TIG) in the environment of shielding gases and their mixtures, as well as in manual arc welding (MMA). It has a high level of the operating load indicator (70%) at a maximum current of 500 amperes, which is enough for welding with a coated electrode with a diameter of 6 mm or more, as well as a welding wire with a diameter of up to 1.6 mm.

PATON™ ProMIG-500-1 is made in a two-case version, which in the case of transportation makes it possible to significantly reduce its overall dimensions by separating the wire feed unit from the welding current source. Also, the wire feeding unit is equipped with a special bracket that securely fixes it to the current source, but at the same time allows the feeder to rotate 360˚ to increase mobility and convenience for the welder.

Like other PATON™ professional series devices, the current source has a wide range of adjustable parameters and is equipped with an informative LCD display, which allows a user to easily configure the ProMIG-500-1 to the production needs.

You can get acquainted with more detailed information about the device and its technical characteristics at the link: ProMIG-500-1

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