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Get free electrodes with the purchase of an inverter welding machine


The new special offer from Pilot Paton Plant – by purchasing an inverter welding unit PATON™, buyer gets a pack of welding electrodes for free. The offer attended ECO series welding units – MMA-160E, MMA-200E, MMA-250E, as a gift to which ELITE ANO-36 (Ø3 мм, 1 kg) electrodes attached, and the PRO series welding units – MMA-160P, MMA-200P, MMA-250P, MMA-315P. To such devices attached updated PATON™ UNIVERSAL (Ø3 мм, 1 kg) electrodes.

ELITE ANO-36 – are the welding electrodes which provides the possibility to weld in all spatial positions, they are low-sensitive to the quality of edge preparation, through the use of their rutile-cellulose coating electrodes have a light ignition and a stable arc combustion. Considering the characteristics, which were mentioned above, ELITE ANO-36 are the ideal choice for professionals and starters either.

The UNIVERSAL electrodes are made according to the newest recipe, which was developed together with the specialists of Institute of Electric Welding named after E.O. Paton. They have similar characteristics with the ELITE ANO-36 electrodes, but through the use of the entire rutile coating less aerosol is released during combustion. These electrodes are used when there are strong requirements for the welding seam.

The special offer is valid until December 31, 2018, or until the exhaustion of the goods at points of sale.

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