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An updated version of the argon-arc inverter is presented PATON™ ProTIG-200 AC/DC


The new version of the argon-arc inverter has the possibility of connecting a welding current control pedal - PATON™ WCP-321. This pedal is designed to control the ignition of the arc and smooth regulation of the welding current in the process of argon-arc welding. Using such pedal will significantly increase the convenience and efficiency of welding, relieving the stress from the welder's hand from constantly pressing the button on the torch and preventing distraction by regulating the current directly on the device, which will save significant time in cases when the device is at a distance of several meters. In addition, due to the smooth regulation of the current and, accordingly, the level of heat input, using such a pedal, will significantly improve the quality and appearance of the welding seam.

Also, the new version of the device has the ability to select 3 languages of digital interface and settings menu: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

PATON™ ProTIG-200 AC/DC argon-arc inverter is one of the best machines in the PATON™ range for direct and alternating current welding of a wide range of materials (aluminum, non-ferrous metals, and their alloys, steel, etc.) at currents up to 200 amperes. It operates in three main modes - TIG (AC / DC), MMA, RIV, is powered by a standard 230V power supply network and is equipped with high-quality accessories manufactured by Abicor Binzel.

The updated model of the device is already available for order at the Plant’s official dealers.

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