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New industrial inverter devices on 630 amperes


PATON™ presents new products in the range of powerful industrial inverter equipment: VDI-630 PRO welding rectifier and PSI-630 PRO semiautomatic device!

These devices belong to the class of professional industrial equipment, designed for manual arc welding (RDS "MMA"), argon arc welding (ARG "TIG") and semi-automatic welding (PA "MIG/MAG") in the environment of shielded gases and mixtures at direct current, have a high load duration indicator (70%), a rated welding current of 630 amperes and a digital interface for the possibility of fine-tuning a number of additional functions and parameters. In addition, the devices have a unique ratio of high power with low weight and size characteristics.

The high rated welding current of 630 amperes and the load duration of up to 70% guarantee almost continuous operation with coated electrodes with a diameter of 6 mm or more and with welding wires up to 2 mm in diameter.

New devices are already available for order on the website or from the dealers of the Plant.

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