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PATON™ inverter semi-automatic devices have received an improved complete set


In the design and manufacturing of welding equipment, Pilot Paton Plant’s experts pay special attention to the quality of welding accessories that come with the devices. Therefore, we complete our products only with high-quality long welding cables, as well as accessories only from the world's leading manufacturers.

And today we have one more good news - the complete set of all models of the PATON™ inverter semi-automatic devices is expanded! Now, due to the addition of an electrode holder to the standard complete set of devices, the buyer can provide welding in the semi-automatic (MIG / MAG) and manual arc welding (MMA) modes directly “from the box”.

At the same time, prices for devices have not changed!

Thus, the updated set of the accessories of PATON™ semiautomatic devices now looks like this:

  1. All models of the STANDARD series are equipped with a 160 or 240-ampere semi-automatic torch (depending on the nominal current of the device) with an LD of 60%, as well as 3-meter-long copper welding cables, a ground terminal, and an electrode holder.
  2. Models of the PROFESSIONAL series with rated currents up to 250 amperes inclusive, are completed with accessories manufactured by ABICOR BINZEL - with a semi-automatic ABIMIG A255 LW torch, and copper welding cables 3 meters long, with a ground terminal MK300 and an electrode holder DE2200 or DE2300 ( depending on the power of the device).
  3. PROFESSIONAL series models with a rated current of 315 amps are equipped with a semi-automatic ABICOR BINZEL RF 26 GRIP torch with a length of 3 m or 5 m (depending on the model of the device), as well as 3-meter long copper cables with the ground terminal MK300 and electrode holder DE2300.

Also, a standard complete set of all PATON™ semi-automatic machines includes additional roller sets for welding wire of different diameter and the quick-release nipple for a gas hose. Complete sets of professional series include the belt to be able to carry on your shoulder.

PATON™ semi-automatic welding machines are truly high-class multifunctional devices, and the extension of its complete sets allows buyers to make it sure without making any additional costs!

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