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Read about the Plant in scientific and industrial publications of Ukraine


The Pilot Paton Plant is constantly developing the business space of the production sphere of Ukraine, inspired by European values ​​and taking into account the possibility of using the accumulated experience for the benefit of the welding industry, society and the country's economy as a whole.

The Pilot Paton Plant constantly cooperates with reputable Ukrainian scientific and production publications in the field of welding - "Automatic welding", "Welder", "Welding and metal structures", which contain up-to-date information both about the Plant itself and about PATON™ products.

Automatic welding is an international scientific, technical and industrial journal. It has been published since 1948 and is included in the list of publications approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for publishing the works of applicants for academic degrees.

The journal publishes research results in the following areas:

  • materials science and metallurgy of welding and related technologies;
  • technologies and materials for welding construction materials;
  • production of metal structures for various industries;
  • refurbishment to extend the service life of welded structures and assemblies
  • problems of strength, design and optimization of welded structures;
  • 3D printing technologies based on welding processes.

Welder is an information and technical magazine for industrial enterprises of all industries that use welding, cutting, surfacing, and other related technologies, as well as for manufacturers and consumers of welding materials and equipment. Founded by the Electric Welding Institute named after E.O. Paton together with the Ecotechnology enterprise with the assistance of the Scientific and Technical Complex “EWI named after E.O. Paton " and the Ukrainian welders society.

Welding and metal structures - production and technical journal. Its pages contain analytical reviews on the current state and prospects for the development of the welding market, expert opinions of specialists on the rational use of welding equipment, materials, technological methods in relation to specific production conditions. The magazine is published with the informational support of the Ukrainian welders society.

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