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PATON new compact welding trolley available for sale

PATON new compact welding trolley available for sale

Published: 02/02/2023

In response to the requests and wishes of users of PATON welding equipment, we have developed a compact trolley, thanks to which almost any PATON welding machine can be used as a mobile welding station, even in small workshops. The trolley has a main shelf for placing the welding machine and 2 more shelves where you can conveniently place accessories, hand or power tools, consumables, etc. Also, on the trolley there is a separate place for placing a cylinder with protective gas.

The use of high-quality materials and fittings ensures the strength and high reliability of the trolley, and the design increases the usability of welding equipment and improves the organization of the welder's workplace.

The new trolley is compatible with EuroMIG, StandardMIG-160/200/250, ProMIG-200-15-2/250-15-4 MIG/MAG machines, all models of Standard series TIG inverters and the ProTIG-200 AC/DC model.


    • 6499 грн
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    • Dimensions, mm 808х488х743
    • Weight, kg 20
    • Material Steel 1,5 mm
    • Quantity of shelves 3
    • Compatibility EuroMIG, StandardMIG-160/200/250, ProMIG-200-15-2/250-15-4, StandardTIG-200/250/270/350-400V, ProTIG-200 AC/DC