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Зустрічайте оновлений “Патон”!

Зустрічайте оновлений “Патон”!

Published: 25/05/2021 Times Read: 2217

From 1959 to the present, our logo has been recognized all over Ukraine and almost all over the world, millions of units of products have been produced and sold with it.

Over the years, the PATON brand logo has become associated with the quality, power and reliability of products.

But nothing stands still, and so do we, therefore, it's time for a change and renewal of our appearance, so that you get into use a device that is perfect not only inside, but also outside.

We have been preparing for a long time and finally we can present you with the brand logo, equipment and accessories in a brighter and modern design.

Keeping traditions, we have left in our logo the red and white colors that are used to, but have significantly improved its overall appearance.



The appearance of the devices has also undergone changes: now, against the updated dark gray background, the new logo will look even more attractive.


We change the appearance of everything, even the packaging, and now it will look like this:



Also, we remind you about a 20% discount on the exchange of your old device, in case you also want to upgrade with us.