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PATON INTERNATIONAL is one of the largest manufacturers of welding electrodes in Ukraine

PATON INTERNATIONAL is one of the largest manufacturers of welding electrodes in Ukraine

Published: 13/05/2021 Times Read: 812

PATON INTERNATIONAL is a leading manufacturer of welding equipment and materials in Ukraine and the CIS countries, which are successfully used in almost all sectors of the economy: from the housing to heavy machinery and shipbuilding. The range of PATON™ products includes more than 35 items of welding equipment, as well as more than 10 types of electrodes for manual arc welding, which the Company began to produce in 2016.

In December 2019, at the main production site of PATON INTERNATIONAL in Kiev, at the address: st. Novopyrogovskaya, 66 a new site for the production of welding electrodes was put into operation. As part of the site today, there are: a department for preparation and dosing of charge materials, a department for cutting rods, a department for crimping electrodes, a department for heat treatment, a department for sorting and packaging finished products. In addition to production departments, the new complex for the production of welding electrodes also included a laboratory complex to ensure control of the production process at all stages: from receiving raw materials to acceptance tests of each batch of finished products.

Two production lines were put into operation at the site, and within a few weeks it is planned to complete the commissioning of the third, completely new line, thus increasing the total production capacity to 1,000 tons / month. Production is carried out 24/7 by several teams with a total number of more than 50 people.

At this time, the production of PATON™ electrodes, which have proven themselves well on the market, produced according to the classic recipe: ANO-36, ANO-4, UONI 13/55, MR-3, Elite series electrodes, according to an improved recipe: Elite ANO-36, Elite ANO-21, 7018 Elite, as well as special-purpose electrodes: CL-11, TsCh-4, T-590.

When organizing a new production site, ensuring the highest quality of products was put at the forefront. To achieve this goal, the list of suppliers of raw materials was revised and control over the quality of raw materials was tightened - only the best Ukrainian supplier companies were selected, and direct supplies of high-quality materials from Germany, Slovakia, the Netherlands, India and other countries were organized. In addition, professional training and education of personnel was carried out with certification of production skills for performing the main technological operations of production. The current control of raw materials and testing of finished products is carried out by our own laboratory complex using high-tech equipment:

  1. X-ray fluorescence analyzer, which is capable of high-precision analysis of the elemental and component composition of all types of raw materials - ore-mineral components, synthetic materials, ferroalloys, metals, and determine the concentration of most of the chemical elements of the periodic system.

  2. Carbon analyzer, which is designed for the express determination of the mass fraction of carbon in the range from 0.03 to 9.999% in steels and alloys by the method of automatic coulometric titration.

  3. Sulfur analyzer, which is used to control the sulfur concentration in the metal deposited with electrodes, in the range from 0.001 to 0.2%.

  4. A special shaker, which is equipped with a set of sieves with mesh sizes from 0.063 to 0.4 mm, allows you to check the granulometric composition of the charge components.

The specified laboratory equipment, together with the advanced methods of control of the technological process of production, ensure high quality and stability of the working characteristics of PATON ™ welding electrodes, which meet all the necessary requirements for products of this kind, which is confirmed by the presence of certificates from leading Ukrainian and international certification organizations.

The Company's products are supplied to more than 50 countries around the world and welding electrodes occupy one of the key positions in the structure of such supplies. The total volume of export supplies of electrodes in 2020 alone amounted to more than 3,000 tons.

The nearest plans of PATON INTERNATIONAL are to expand the range of produced electrodes and increase production volumes by entering new sales markets. This will allow the Company in the near future to take the leading positions in this market segment and consolidate its status as a leading manufacturer of both welding equipment and welding consumables.