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The Pilot Paton Plant - 62 years!

The Pilot Paton Plant - 62 years!

Published: 12/01/2021 Times Read: 497

In January 2021, The Pilot Paton Plant is 62 years! Throughout its history, the Plant has produced hundreds of thousands of pieces of welding equipment for enterprises in almost all continents of the world. The equipment produced by the Pilot Plant was used for welding work in a very wide range of conditions: from the depths of water to open space, from the hot tropics to the far north.

Today, the manufactured products occupy a significant part of the Ukrainian market of welding equipment. Introducing advanced technologies and scientific developments, as well as constantly expanding the range of welding equipment, the Plant is one of the leaders in the market of welding machines in Ukraine and the CIS countries!

All this gives us the right to be proud of our work and brings strength for further development. We are grateful to you, our customers, who choose PATON™ equipment and materials!

The entire staff of the Pilot Paton Plant makes every effort to ensure that the products of the Plant meet the expectations of the most demanding welding professionals!