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A new stage in the Paton brand development

A new stage in the Paton brand development

Published: 06/04/2021 Times Read: 383

The development of the production of welding equipment in Ukraine has almost a century of history. Of these, 62 years are closely associated with the work of the Pilot Plant of Welding Equipment of the EWI named after E. O. Paton, which was created at the Institute of Electric Welding in January 1959 for implementing the new developments of the EWI and Experimental Design Technological Bureau specialists. For all the time from its creation to the present day, the Plant has produced hundreds of thousands of pieces of welding equipment for diversified enterprises in almost all continents of the world.

To date, the Pilot Paton Plant is a leading manufacturer of welding equipment and materials in Ukraine and one of the market leaders in the post-Soviet space. Thanks to our own developments, high production culture and significant experience of the Plant's specialists, welding machines and electrodes under the PATON™ trademark are highly valued by specialists in welding both in Ukraine and far beyond its borders.

The development of export markets for its products is one of the top priorities in the Plant’s strategy. Today PATON™ products are supplied to more than 50 countries around the world - from Latin America to the Far East. And the list of these countries does not stand still! Only from the beginning of 2021, a number of European (Denmark, Great Britain), African (Kenya) and Middle Eastern countries (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain) have joined it.

To strengthen the export vector of development, the management of the Plant made a decision to renew the name of the company and change it to PATON INTERNATIONAL. It is expected that such a step will help to emphasize to consumers and partners of the Plant the international orientation of the business, which has grown beyond the Ukrainian market, and will facilitate the promotion of the PATON™ brand in the world. As is often the case, the need for such changes is dictated by the market itself, because in modern realities even the name of a company must meet certain consumer requirements - simplicity, brevity, accessibility and clarity.

Some time ago, the Plant, together with partners, began the process of creating representative offices in those countries to which the most products are exported. The main goal of creating such representative offices is to ensure the efficient operation of the Plant in the local market and to provide high-quality support to local consumers. Over time, it is planned to unify the names of representative offices using a single trademark - PATON Poland, PATON Great Britain, PATON Denmark, PATON Egypt, PATON Georgia, PATON South Korea and more than 20 representative offices.

And only the modern name of the main company with a research and development base and production facilities located in Ukraine provides an opportunity to logically unite all representative offices within a single business - PATON INTERNATIONAL. By itself, such a name will be equally understandable to consumers and partners of the Plant in any country and will contribute to the formation of trust of the Ukrainian brand.

The Plant has an impeccable reputation as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of high-quality welding equipment and materials, and does everything necessary to maintain it at such a high level. Thanks to the cooperation with leading Ukrainian and international certification companies, PATON™ products meet all the necessary requirements and are regularly certified. To strengthen its position in the international market, as well as to minimize the risks of export activities, the Plant signed an agreement on cooperation with an export-credit agency.

Such cooperation opens up opportunities for extended insurance of international supplies of the Plant's products, additionally guaranteeing the fulfillment of the terms of delivery by all parties of the process. At the same time, during the short period of operation of this agreement, the Plant has already managed to use it for recent deliveries to Burkina Faso, Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya. The use of this additional insurance mechanism is intended to further improve the image of PATON INTERNATIONAL as a reliable international trading partner and strengthen the position of PATON™ products in the world market.

Thanks to these activities, the Plant continues to move towards its goals - ensuring the stable development of its research and production potential, increasing the production of high-quality welding equipment and materials, promoting PATON™ products among as many specialists in the field of welding in different countries as possible, thereby increasing own contribution to the development of the Ukrainian manufacturing industry and popularization of the "MADE IN UKRAINE" brand among consumers around the world.