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Damn good offer!

Damn good offer!

Published: 29/10/2021 Times Read: 1087

The worst night is approaching, and the festive mood is rising, because we give leggings as a gift! 

Have time to buy welding equipment or accessories this weekend for the amount of 1000 UAH, and you are guaranteed to get cool red leggings as a gift! 

Features of your gift: 

 ▪️ Leggings have high resistance to mechanical damage, abrasion, 

 ▪️ Have elongated cuffs; 

 ▪️ Protects hands from injuries and bruises; 

 ▪️ Sit well on the hand thanks to a comfortable pad.

The promotion is valid until 31.10.2021.

Tags: #sale, #paton


    • 180 грн
    • Standard EN 12477 A, EN 388 4244, EN 407 423x4x
    • Size 10.5
    • Material Cow union
    • Cuff material Cow union