One-of-a-kind equipment for automatic solvent sealing arc welding

At the end of November the Pilot Plant of Welding Equipment of the E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute put into operation the complex of equipment for automatic solvent sealing arc welding (girth seams in deep cutting) of rotors of high power turbines.

The client, “Turboatom” Open JSC, is the head scientific organization on power machine building of the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine which is today in the list of the world leading turbine construction companies. The enterprise specializes in production of turbines for heat power plants, atomic power plants, heat-electric generating plants, hydraulic turbines for hydroelectric power plants and hydroelectric pumped storage power plants, gas turbines and steam-gas plants for heat power plants as well as of other items of power equipment. The geography of the “Turboatom” Open JSC supplies covers almost all continents of the world.

Lately, in turbine construction outlined the tendency for designing and manufacturing of high-power steam turbines with welded combined rotor rotating alternating current generator producing electric energy. The welded combined rotor is made of two parts by solvent sealing machine welding at narrow cutting. Such way of manufacturing significantly increases vibration resistance and reliability of rotor during operation at high- and low-temperature modes.

On the order of the “Turboatom” Open JSC the specialists of the Experimental Design-Technological Office and of the E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute developed new welding technology and equipment for manufacturing such rotors. The equipment provides machine solvent sealing arc welding of girth seams in deep cutting of high-power turbines` rotors, works in three modes and is has welding processes control system. At 380 V main power feed the equipment system provides 150-500 A welding current and 25-45 V welding arc voltage. Outside diameter of a workpiece subject to welding can vary within the limits of 15-3450 mm, cutting depth – up to 400 mm, linear velocity of welding at that can reach 30 m/hour.

Functional test of the equipment was held at the test site of the Welding Equipment Pilot Plant in the presence of representatives of the “Turboatom” Open JSC and the President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine B.Ye.Paton personally. The acceptance committee made the following conclusion: the presented equipment can be used for solvent sealing welding at narrow cutting not only of steam turbines but also of items of other configuration.

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