Development of the methods, technologies and equipment for the deepwater welding and surface welding and cutting

Year 1979 
The Kaspmorneftegasprom Association made a request to the E.O.Paton Welding Institute (WI) for technical assistance in construction of the first in the Soviet Union fixed drill platform for drilling the ulltradeep wells for oil and gas extraction at the 100m sea depth of the Caspian sea offshore area.


1. Development of  the welding practices and erection of large dimensional metal structures of platform jackets which serve the steel isle support

2. Development of the practices of the high production process of machine welding of erection joints of the piles to fix the platform jackets to the seabed

These works were to be performed in short terms because of the eventual storm winds and strong currents able to pull down a jacket.

The platform jackets construction was performed  in Baku on the sea-shore face.

All the assembly and welding works were performed at the open air on high altitude at steady wind; so it was necessary to develop special procedures to provide high quality of welding seams.

In process of construction of the platform metal structures the IEW employees made observation of the assembly and welding works performance.


1. The research works both with the complex of  the high-tensile steel physical and mechanical researches have been performed at the earliest possible terms. These researches results served as a basis of  advanced technologies successfully implemented in construction of the crucial metal structures of the fixed deepwater platforms.

2. Was resolved the issue of the machine welding of horizontal joints of the piles tubular members to reinforce the fixed platforms’ jackets.

3. Was developed the technology and the small-scale equipment UD-444 for machine welding of piles with 420-1600mm diameter. Technical process permitted to raise the welding works production by 3-4 times as compared to the hand welding.


“In September 1982 at the Caspian sea the “28th April” oil deposit was completed construction of the unique deepwater fixed platform mounted at that moment record depth  of 113m for drilling twelve wells.

Ten thousand tons of high-strength metal for the installation complex metal structures made with the aid of the E.O.Paton Electric welding Institute Scientists are assembled with a truly troy accuracy. Suffice it to say that the both 2500-ton jackets on which the platform is mounted, with the area about four thousand sq. meters, by request of the Hipromorneftegas Institute design engineers shall have the axle deviation from each other not more than one hundred millimeters. A new page is open in exploration of the Caspian sea resources”.

Article “Off-Land Isle”, September 1982, Vyshka newspaper, Azerbaijan


Contribution of the IEW and PDEO to creation of the deepwater platforms of the Caspian sea shelf consisted not only in the welding technical questions but in selection of the most optimum shape for the lattice structures’ members.

The researches of the IEW scientists proved that the tubular members joint to the flange pipes without intermediate gussets are the members’ most  favorable shape.

Тhis structure was named  “the tubular units with the members’ direct  joining”. This structure had a range of advantages as compared with the earlier used connection of braces and ties to the flange tubes by means of the intermediate members. Due to the close cooperation of the IEW and  PDEO with Baku Hypromorneftegas Institute performing the design works of the deepwater supports, a new advanced development was implemented to the practice of the sea supports’ construction.



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