Welding equipment PATON in tropicalized construction for Shipyard in Myanmar

At the beginning of May 2015 Paton Pilot Plant concluded contract, together with SF “Experimental Design-Technological Office of the E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine”, for State Company "Ukrspetsexport" for the development and production of welding equipment for tropical climate, with improved performance and increased reliability.

Welding rectifiers model VS-650 SR complete with a feeder unit BP 608 and inverter rectifiers MMA-200P have been tested and shipped for use in one of the shipyards of South-East Asia (Republic of the Union of Myanmar).

It was interesting and challenging development for Paton Pilot Plant and, demonstrate not only the possibility of domestic production, but also the prospects for expanding market for PATON products by improving the reliability of welding equipment for different climate zones.

Обзор сварочных электродов ПАТОН™ УОНИ 13/55
16 августа 2018
Обзор сварочных электродов ПАТОН™ ELITE АНО-36
20 июля 2018
27 декабря 2017
Полуавтоматы ПАТОН™ серии Standard
30 октября 2017
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