Paton Welding Equipment for refitting of SCB Foundry in Czech Republic

At the beginning of November 2015, Paton Pilot Plant delivered the welding equipment for the member of CKD Kutna Hora a.s. (Czech Republic) - SCB Foundry.

CKD Kutna Hora a.s. is one of the largest manufacturers of high-quality castings in Europe, including the full production cycle of steel castings and machining, welded constructions of any complexity, as well as the development of the model production. CKD Kutná Hora a.s. is awarded AAA credit rating (Excelentní) and joined the TOP 100 most stable companies in Czech Republic.

In order to release products that meet the highest quality standards, the Company has advanced equipment for quality control and testing, and updates its special equipment for the production of stainless steel and various steel structures regularly.

In 2015, PATON welding equipment is appended to the special equipment of SCB Foundry:

  • universal inverter-rectifier welding units VDU-1202P - for carbon-arc gouging of foundry products,

  • multioperator rectifier welding units VDM-1202P complete with ballast rheostats BPR 302 – for up to 5 mm electrode multioperator welding of various steel constructions for the production of vans and locomotives,

  • welding rectifiers VS-650SR - for CO2 welding of various design vans,

  • welding rectifiers VS-650SR complete with ballast rheostats BPR 302 - for up to 5 mm electrode multioperator welding,

  • semi-automatic welding machines PS-351.2 and argon-arc inverters TIG-200S - for the repair shop of wagon works.

During the 50 years of its existence, SCB Foundry became one of the best in the field of foundry in Czech Republic.  SCB Foundry continues the development of serial production of railcars and components now. SCB Foundry exports 75 % of its products to Europe, USA, Canada, Ukraine, Russia, so Pilot Paton Plant highly appreciates the choice of Czech partner and hopes to continue cooperation in the future.


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