PATON TsCh-4 diameter 3mm, weight packs 1kg
PATON TsCh-4 diameter 3mm, weight packs 1kg
PATON TsCh-4 diameter 4mm, weight packs 1kg
Price on request
Price on request

Hardness,% - HB 160-190
Diameter, mm - 3/4

Length, mm - 350/450
Package weight, kg -1/1

The electrodes are intended for cold manual arc welding of damaged parts made of ductile and gray iron; welding of structural joints of steel and iron; welding defects in castings made ​​of gray and ductile cast iron; for pre-welding the first one or two layers on the worn cast iron parts for the subsequent surfacing using other special electrodes.

The improved formulation, adaptation made ​​by best experts of E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute. Reduced toxicity!

Mechanical properties of the weld seam metal:

Yield strength, N / mm²Relative extension,%Impact strength, J / cm²
More than or equal to

Baking before welding: in the case of wetting there should be made baking before the welding: 350 °C 60 min.

Seams position while welding: the welding should be carried out in inclined and lower positions.

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