CLASSIC UONI 13/45 (13/55)
CLASSIC UONI- 13/45, 13/55 diameter 3mm, weight packs 5kg
CLASSIC UONI- 13/45, 13/55 diameter 3mm, weight packs 5kg
CLASSIC UONI- 13/45, 13/55 diameter 4mm, weight packs 5kg
CLASSIC UONI- 13/45, 13/55 diameter 5mm, weight packs 5kg
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Price on request
Price on request

Type of coating: basic
Certified in UkrSEPRO

ГОСТ 9466-75;
Э50А по ГОСТ 9467; ISO 2560 по Е414 В20;
E50 В22 по ЕN 499;
Е 6015 по AWS A5.1
ТUU 05416923.015-96

Electrodes “ UONI -13/55 ” designed for welding of high-duty constructions of carbon ( types: 08, 20, 20L, St 3) and low alloy steel (types 26GS, 09G2S), S235-S355, P235-P355, E295 (according to EN 10027-1, EN 10028-2, EN 10028-3). They are widely used to metal seams when placing increased demands on ductility and toughness even during working with low temperatures.

The chemical composition of metal:

С CarbonSi SiliconMn ManganeseS SulfurP Phosphorus
≤ 0.090,20-0.500,6-1,20≤ 0.020≤ 0.025


Electrodes “ UONI -13/55 ” provide arc stability and forming of metal bead with high crystallization cracks resistance and low hydrogen content. Allow welding of especially high-duty metal constructions, operating with dynamic loading in low temperature conditions (to -40°С), and vessels that are working under pressure of shipbuilding steel structures. The more thickness’ metal welding and the welding of founding’s defects. 

Welding conditions:

Welding positionsElectrode diameter (mm)
ø3,0ø 4,0
Welding current

Mechanical properties of the weld seam metal:

Temporary tensile strength N/mm2Relative elongation, %Impact strength, J / cm2

Packing data:

Diameter, mmLength, mmweight packs, kg
The position of the welding seams
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