CLASSIC АNО-36 diameter 3mm, weight packs 2,5kg
CLASSIC АNО-36 diameter 3mm, weight packs 2,5kg
CLASSIC АNО-36 diameter 3mm, weight packs 5kg
CLASSIC АNО-36 diameter 4mm, weight packs 5kg
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Certified in UkrSEPRO

ГОСТ 9466-75; Э 46 по ГОСТ 9467;
Е43 2 RС11 по ISO 2560
E42 0 RС11 по EN 499;
E6013 по AWS A5.1
ТUU 054169 23.050-99

These electrodes are intended for manual arc welding of of critical or alternative carbon and low-alloy steel constructions according to National Standard of Ukraine 2651/ All-Union State Standard 380 (St 0, St 1, St 2, St 3, of all the groups A, B, C and all deoxidation degrees – “KP”, “PS”, “SP” according All-Union State Standard 1050- (05kp, 08kp, 08ps, 08, 10kp, 10pc, 10, 15kp, 15ps, 15, 20kp 20ps, 20). Welding possible in all spatial positions ( except vertical top down electrodes with a diameter of 5 mm. The welding electrodes ANO-36 are characterized by light initial ignition and reignition, stable arc combustion, low loss of metal from sputtering, proportional seam of coating, good forming of seam metal, light separability of solidified slag. It allows to perform a very-low current welding. For electrodes with a small diameter, the welding can occur from power sources that are turned in household chain. Easy handling with electrodes makes it possible to perform welding even for beginning welders. They are low-sensitive to quality of edge preparation, availability of galvanic coatings, rust and other surface contaminations.

The chemical composition of metal:

С CarbonSi SiliconMn ManganeseS SulfurP Phosphorus
≤ 0.110,10-0.350.40-0.65≤ 0.030≤ 0.035


The working in all positions is possible without change of welding current during the welding mounting. Welding of vertical joints by “top-down” method should be done by a short arc or buttress. A flowing of slag below an arc should not be allowed. This requires elevation angle of electrode to vertical from 40° to 70°. In down position an electrode should be inclined 20° – 40° to welding from vertical.

Welding conditions:

Welding positionsElectrode diameter (mm)
ø3,0ø 4,0ø 5,0
Welding current

Mechanical properties of the weld seam metal:

Temporary tensile strength N/mm^2Relative elongation, %Impact strength, J / cm2

Packing data:

Diameter, mmLength, mmWeight packs, kg


ProducerElectrode brand
OerlikonOvercord, Overcord Z
The position of the welding seams
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