• Hot-Start
  • Arc-Force
  • Antistick


  • The welding unit with a power cable length
  • The shoulder-carry belt
  • Paton branded carton box
  • The welding cable 3 m in length with an electrode holder
  • The welding cable 3 m in length with a grounding clamp
  • The operation manual

The inverter-rectifier welding unit MMA-MINI is designed for direct-current manual arc welding. The MINI series of welding units is intended for exacting users who need a portable, fully functional welding unit with a rated current of up to 150 A. Such current is sufficient for welding by using any welding electrodes from 1.0 mm through 4.0 mm in diameter, at a load factor not less than 40 percent, allowing welding works to be performed in household conditions, for example at country sites, small workshops, and motor transport enterprises. Due to the increased frequency of voltage at the input of the rectifier transformer of the welding unit, the weight and overall dimensions of the transformer are significantly reduced as compared with standard welding units having the same output characteristics.

The welding unit is designed for performing welding works in household conditions (welding of metallic pipes for water and gas supply, smoke ducts and water draining pipes from stainless steel, metallic hinges, and steel sheet decks) and in equipping residential buildings and country sites (construction of greenhouses, sheds, pavilions, and fences).


  • Additionally to protection against power supply voltage surges, the welding unit is protected against excessive long- time fluctuations of power supply voltage. The welding unit ensures welding arc stabilization when the input voltage of the unit changes in the range of 170 V through 260 V. It should be noted that welding at a minimum voltage of 170 V is allowed only by using electrodes not more than 3 mm in diameter.
  • The welding unit is rated for operation from a common power supply system. Due to the high efficiency coefficient of the welding unit, the power consumed by the unit is reduced by 50 percent as compared with standard welding units. The welding unit is easy operated due to the optimal operating load factor in operation of the unit at the rated current. Because of this, it is possible to perform welding at the rated current, using 3 mm welding electrodes.
  • The enhanced reliability of the welding unit in operation in dusty environment.
  • All the printed-circuit boards with electronic elements of the welding unit are impregnated with two layers of high- quality varnish in order to provide the high reliability of the welding unit within its service life.
  • The possibility to adjust welding current smoothly. Improved welding arc stability.
ParameterParameter value
Rated power supply voltage (V)220
Rated welding current (A)150
Maximum operating current (A)180
Operating load factor40 %/150 А   100%/94 А
Power supply voltage range (V)170 ... 260
Welding current control range (A)20 ... 150
Hot Start+
Open-circuit voltage in manual arc welding (V)70
Rated consumed power (kVA)4.0
Maximum consumed power (kVA)5.0
Efficiency coefficient (%)90
Overall dimensions (length x width x height) (mm)200 x 100 x 240
Weight (kg)3.35
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