• Hot-Start
  • Arc-Force
  • Antistick


  • The welding unit with a power cable length
  • The shoulder-carry belt
  • Paton branded carton box
  • The welding cable 3 m in length with an electrode holder
  • The welding cable 3 m in length with a grounding clamp
  • The operation manual

The inverter-rectifier welding units MMA of the ECO series are designed for manual ark welding. These welding units were developed by the Design-Engineering Department of the Welding Equipment Pilot-Producing Plant of the E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute with consideration for the current trends in the economy of Ukraine. The welding units were developed according to such two basic principles as ecological suitability and economical efficiency. The ecological suitability means that the welding units contribute to the preservation of the country resources by reducing use of materials in the equipment production process, and due to low power consumption in welding. The economical efficiency means that the units can be marketed at competitive prices, as compared with other similar welding units, and provide savings to users due to reduced power consumption. The basic advantage of the inverter-rectifier welding unit MMA-250E DC MMA is its small overall dimensions and weight (4.3 kg).

The welding units are designed for performing welding works in household conditions (welding of metallic pipes for water and gas supply, smoke ducts and water draining pipes from stainless steel, metallic hinges, and steel sheet decks), in equipping residential buildings and country sites (construction of greenhouses, sheds, pavilions, and fences), in private construction, and in performing minor construction works (construction of cottages, garages, pavilions, and booths) by professional construction teams.

  • The possibility to weld by using coated electrodes in a wide range, such as E-type and other electrodes. Economic power consumption in welding (not more than 4,4/5,5/7,0 kVA in accordance to the model).
  • The availability of protection against power supply overvoltage and undervoltage, and, as a result, the possibility to extend the service life of the welding unit.
  • The possibility to operate from low-power supply systems due to minimum voltage drop in welding. Simplicity of operation, that is, it is sufficiently to switch on the welding unit and then start welding. All the electronic elements of the welding unit are protected against dust and enhanced moisture.
Rated power supply voltage (V)220
Rated consumed current (A)32
Rated welding current (A)250
Maximum welding current (A)300
Operating load factor40 %/250А
100 %/158 A
Power supply voltage range (V)170 - 260
Welding current control range (A)32 – 250
Hot StartAutomatic
Arc ForceAutomatic
Open-circuit voltage (V)80
Arc-starting voltage (V)110
Rated consumed power (kVA)7,0
Maximum consumed power (kVA)8,8
Efficiency coefficient (%)90
Overall dimensions (length x width x height) (mm)270x110x240
Weight (kg)4,35
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