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Without torch and communication
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  • Hot Start
  • Arc-Force
  • Antistick


  • PATON WFM-15-4-500 DC MIG/MAG
  • Copper cable (5 m) with Abicor Binzel electrode holder
  • Copper cable (5 m) with ground terminal Abicor Binzel
  • User's manual
  • Wire feed unit
  • Branded corrugated box PATON ™
  • Semi-automatic welding torch ABIMIG A405 LW (5 m)
  • Roll sets for 4 steel wire diameters and 2 aluminum wire diameters
  • Communication cable
  • Gas hose quick coupling
  • User's manual
The invertor digital semiautomatic device PATON ProMIG-500 (15-4) is intended for semi-automatic welding (MIG/MAG) in the environment of protective gases and mixtures at direct current, as well as for argon-arc welding (TIG) and manual arc welding (MMA). The device is intended for industrial use. A special swivel bracket provides fixation of the feeding device directly to the current source, which significantly reduces its overall dimensions, and also provides the ability to rotate the feeder unit 360˚ to increase the mobility and convenience for the welder.
  • The possibility to control welding parameters in a wide range:
    • In the ММА process: 1 basic parameter + 10 additional parameters
    • In the TIG process: 1 basic parameter + 8 additional parameters
    • In the MIG/MAG process: 2 basic parameters + 4 additional parameters
  • Presence of an adjustable pulse mode in all types of welding;
  • In addition to protection against power surges, a stabilization system has been installed for large long-term drops in the mains interfacial voltage from 320V to 440V;
  • Adapted to weak power lines. Due to its high efficiency, the source provides half the power consumption compared to traditional sources;
  • Adaptive fan speed, that is, it increases when the device heats up and slows down when it is cold, this saves the fan resource and reduces the amount of dust in the device;
  • Increased reliability of the device in dusty production conditions, the source microelectronics is placed in a separate compartment;
  • A thermal electronic protection system is installed on all heating elements of the source;
  • All electronics of the device are impregnated with two layers of high-quality varnish, which ensures the reliability of the product throughout the entire service life;
  • When separating the source from the feed unit, it provides small dimensions and mobility, which simplifies welding in hard-to-reach places.
ParameterPATON ProMIG-500
Rated power supply voltage, 50 Hz (V)3х380 3х400
Rated consumed current (A)34 … 36
Rated welding current (A)500
Maximum welding current (A)630
Operating load factor70%/500А 100%/420A
Power supply voltage control range (V)±15%
Welding current control range (A)19 – 500
Welding voltage control range (V)12 – 40
Stick welding electrode diameter (mm)1,6 – 6,0 and more
Welding wire diameter (mm)0,6 – 1,6
Pulse modes in welding

MMA: 0,2...500 Hz

TIG: 0,2...500 Hz

MIG/MAG: 5...500 Hz

Increased-current arc starting function (Hot Start)Adjustable
Reduced-voltage welding function (Arc Forcing)Adjustable
Protection against electrode sticking (Antisticking)Automatic
Reduction of open-circuit voltageOn / Off
Open-circuit voltage in the manual welding mode12 / 95
Arc starting voltage (V)110
Rated consumed power (kVA)22,6 … 25
Maximum consumed power (kVA)32,1
Efficiency coefficient (%)90
Operating temperature range–25 … +45ºС
Overall dimensions (length x width x height) (mm)540х360х920
Weight without a wire coil and accessories 
Protection classIP23
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