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  • Hot Start
  • Arc Force
  • Antistick


  • The welding unit
  • The welding wire feeding unit (rollers for 0.6 -0.8 mm and 1.0 -1.2 mm)
  • The shoulder-carry belt
  • Paton branded corrugated box
  • The semi-automatic ABIMIG A255 LW welding torch with a cable 3 m in length
  • The welding cable 3 m in length with an Abicor Binzel DE2300 electrode holder
  • The welding cable 3 m in length with a Abicor Binzel МК300 grounding clamp
  • The quick-release nipple for a gas hose
  • The operation manual

The digitally-controlled inverter-rectifier semi-automatic welding units MIG/MAG of the PROFESSIONAL series are designed for direct-current gas-shielded welding according to such welding processes as a manual arc welding process (MMA), argon-arc welding process (TIG), and a semi-automatic arc welding process (MIG/MAG). These welding units of the PROFESSIONAL series are designed for industrial use. The welding unit can be used separately from the welding wire feeding unit in order to provide the ease of operation of the welding unit and provide the compliance of the unit with safety requirements. The units are rated for operation with an optimal operating load factor at rated currents 250 A, in operation from a 380 V three-phase power supply system. These currents are sufficient for welding with any electrodes in the range from electrodes 1.6 mm in diameter through low-melting electrodes 6.0 mm in diameter, and for semi-automatic arc welding with solid welding wire 0.6 … 1.2 mm in diameter.

  • The possibility to control welding parameters in a wide range:
    • In the ММА process: 1 basic parameter + 10 additional parameters
    • In the TIG process: 1 basic parameter + 4 additional parameters
    • In the MIG/MAG process: 2 basic parameters + 4 additional parameters
  • The availability of the adjustable pulse welding mode for all the welding processes.
  • The microelectronic elements of the welding unit are installed in a special compartment.
The function of open-circuit voltage reduction in the manual arc welding process (MMA), with the possibility for this function to be switched on and off, allows the welding unit to be operated in unsafe environment. The characteristic feature of the semi-automatic welding units of the STANDARD series is that every unit contains a high-power, reliable, and airtight welding wire feeding unit.
ParameterPATON ProMIG-270-15-2-400V
Rated power supply voltage, 50 Hz (V)3х380 (3х400)
Rated consumed current (A)12,0 … 13,0
Rated welding current (A)270
Maximum welding current (A)350
Operating load factor70%/ 270А 100%/ 220A
Power supply voltage control range (V)±15%
Welding current control range (A)14 – 270
Welding voltage control range (V)12 – 29
Stick welding electrode diameter (mm)1,6 – 6,0
Welding wire diameter (mm)0,6 – 1,2
Pulse modes in weldingMMA/TIG/MIG/MAG
Increased-current arc starting function (Hot Start)Adjustable
Reduced-voltage welding function (Arc Forcing)Adjustable
Protection against electrode sticking (Antisticking)Automatic
Reduction of open-circuit voltageOn/Off
Open-circuit voltage in the manual welding mode12 / 75
Arc starting voltage (V)110
Rated consumed power (kVA)7.9 … 8.6
Maximum consumed power (kVA)11,0
Efficiency coefficient (%)90
Operating temperature range–25 … +45ºС
Overall dimensions (length x width x height) (mm)540 х 360 х 400
Weight without a wire coil and accessories23,5
Protection classIP33
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