Semiautomatic inverters
PATON™ semi‐automatic welding machines combine all the advantages of modern inverters—high reliability, manufacturability, compactness, and ease of use. Due to its versatility, reliability, and excellent operating parameters, PATON™ inverter-type semi-automatic devices are recognized as one of the most efficient units for welding metal structures and products.

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Semi‐automatic welding machine.

PATON™ semi-automatic welding machines immediately conquered the market, and the advantages of using semi-automatic inverters have been appreciated by both amateurs and real welding professionals. An obligatory mechanism, which the inverter semi-automatic device has, is a device that feeds a wire into the welding zone. This can be any wire with a diameter of Ø0.6mm to Ø1.2mm. PATON™ semi-automatic welding machines make it possible to quickly and efficiently perform welding in a mechanized mode using a melting electrode in a protective gas environment. Using them, the joint of aluminum products, corrosion-resistant and low-alloy steels is produced.

PATON™ devices operate in the MIG-MAG mode, which allows the use of inert and active gas, protecting the welding zone from the negative effects of oxygen, which has an oxidizing effect on the metal to be welded. An electric arc in the machines is formed due to the direct current in them. Inverters are also used for welding sheet thin metal, but by technical potential, they are referred to as universal installations. The principle of the PATON™ semi-automatic machine operation is that it converts the alternating current that enters it when the unit is connected to the electric grid, into a constant one. For this purpose, it has a special module, a high-frequency transformer, and several rectifiers. The entire welding operation with the PATON™ inverter semi-automatic device is controlled by a microprocessor. It constantly monitors the performance of the unit and directly behind the welding event. As soon as the processor detects a change in any of the parameters, it instantly adjusts the operation of the equipment. What professional welder can refuse such a unit?

The advantages of using the PATON™ semi-automatic inverters

The most important advantages of the PATON™ semi-automatic inverter equipment include the following factors:

  • high welding performance;
  • the integrated thermal protection with light indicators trigger;
  • efficient cooling of the unit with air;
  • the possibility of using removable torches of different types due to the EURO type socket;
  • many additional functions (protection against voltage drops, built-in measuring devices, automatic shutdown and maintenance of electric arc in a state of combustion, protection against overheating, and many others);
  • fine adjustment of the current required to joint structures of various materials;
  • low weight.

It is also worth noting the very high efficiency of the PATON™ semi-automatic devices, the absence of splashing of boiling metal. Certainly, small splashes during welding still form, but they do not cause the appearance of welding depositions on the joined surfaces and other similar defects in the welding operation.

Separately, we note another advantage of the use of the PATON™ semi-automatic inverters, due to the fact that the wire is fed into them evenly at a constant speed. This feed in the mode of manual metal arc welding (MMA), believe us, will not be able to achieve any welder with the highest qualifications and vast experience. As mentioned above, the PATON™ semi-automatic devices are capable of welding using consumable electrodes.

In this case, the gas does not need to be supplied, since the consumable welding electrode is provided with its own flux protection. Moreover, PATON™ inverters can use stick electrodes that are different in cross section. And if the device is equipped with a valve torch, it is also suitable for tungsten arc inert gas welding (TIG)! All of the above explains why the PATON™ semi-automatic inverters are referred to as universal welding machines. Their versatility is also due to the fact that they work equally well both with thin-sheet blanks and with large metal structures.

PATON™ semi-automatic machines are universal devices that allow you to perform the following types of welding:

  • ММА – manual metal arc welding with stick bars;
  • MIG/MAG – semiautomatic metal inert/active gas welding;
  • TIG DC – tungsten arc inert gas welding (TIG) at direct current;

We are absolutely sure that whatever PATON™ semi-automatic inverter you choose, it will fully meet your expectations for high-quality welding!

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