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  • Наличие разъёма KZ-2 типа "ЕВРО"
  • Встроенный клапан подачи газа
  • Функция заправки проволоки


  • The welding wire feeding unit (rollers for 0.6 -0.8 mm and 1.0 -1.2 mm)
  • Paton branded corrugated box
  • The semi-automatic ABIMIG A155 LW welding torch with a cable
  • The quick-release nipple for a gas hose;
  • The operation manual

The PATON™ BPI digital wire‐feeding machine is designed for operation as a part of an external welding source in the semiautomatic metal inert/active gas welding (MIG/MAG) mode. In this case, the source feeds the power welding current, and the feed unit provides a stable supply of solid or flux-cored wire to the weld pool. The wire‐feeding machine has its own inverter power supply for the motor, the protective gas supply valve, and the control circuit. The distinctive feature of PATON™ semi‐automatic machines is very robust, high‐quality, and structurally sound wire feeding mechanism, as well as availability of the KZ‐2 socket of world standard EURO type, which allows user changing torches at his/her own discretion. The protective gas supply valve is built into the unit.

During operation of the wire‐feeding machine, its internal control board itself receives signals from the KZ-2 socket from the button on the torch and turns on the protective gas supply valve at the right time, then with a predetermined delay, it sends a signal to turn on the power supply, then turns on and stabilizes the rotation speed wire feed motor. After the end of the welding process, everything turns off in the reverse order with the necessary delays. Everything is set by default to optimal settings. The device is most optimized for working with PATON™ sources and will require a minimum of time for the user to adapt, since the response places for the sockets and installation are already provided for in the design.

Rated power supply voltage, 50 Hz, V220
Rated consumed current, A0,25
Rated welding current, A250
Maximum welding current, A315
Operating load factor70%/315А 100%/250А
Power supply voltage control range, V180-260
Amount rollers of pressure2
Wire feed speed regulation, m/min2,0-16,0
Welding wire diameter, mm0,6-1,2
Wire refill function+
Shielding gas test function+
Arc starting voltage (V)55
Maximum consumed power (kVA)80
Operating temperature range–25…+45°С
Overall dimensions (length x width x height) (mm)345х260х270
Weight without a wire coil and accessories, kg7,0
Maximum coil weight, kg5
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