Air-plasma cutting machines

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Air-plasma cutting machines

The main advantages of plasma cutting are the highest level of productivity, the ability to work with various metals, high accuracy and safety. In addition, plasma cutting provides a significantly better cut, avoiding overheating, sagging and edge burr formation. Thus, the cut requires almost no additional processing. It should also be borne in mind that the main thermal effect is made only on the cut zone, as a result, the cut metal is almost not subject to thermal deformation.

The first models of plasma cutting machines were used exclusively for industrial purposes: mechanical engineering and shipbuilding, the manufacture of metal structures, etc. A modern plasma cutter can be found in a regular garage and used for personal needs. The device for plasma cutting of metal allows you to more accurately control the technological process, and also greatly facilitates the work.

Another area where a manual plasma cutting machine is useful is artistic material processing. Accuracy, ease of use and availability of the plasma installation in almost any conditions, allows the use of equipment in the following areas:

  • Industry - the air plasma cutting machine is mainly used in cases where there is a need to quickly cut any conductive material.
  • Domestic purposes - in this area, equipment for manual plasma cutting of metal has not yet become widespread. This is mainly due to the fact that hand-held plasma cutters have recently entered the free market. Basically, the use of a plasma cutter for household purposes is associated with figured cutting of metal. Some construction crews use the equipment during roofing, plumbing and other works.

Air-plasma cutting with PATON™ machines is based on the principle of supplying heated air under pressure to the work surface. Plasma is air that is heated to a temperature of 25-30 thousand degrees using an electric arc. The principle of operation of the plasma cutter is based on a change in the properties of air when it is instantly heated to the highest possible temperatures. At this moment, the air is ionized and due to this, an electric current begins to pass.

Plasma cutters PATON™ of the "Standard" series are intended for the most demanding users who need a reasonable compromise between dimensions, mobility and functionality of the device at its full rated current.


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