• The rectifier-type welding unit
  • The certificate
  • The detachable connector TIG
  • The detachable connector MMA


  • The welding cable with a grounding clamp
  • The welding cable with an electrode holder
  • The power cable not less than 1.5 m in length
  • The welding helmet
The rectifier-type welding units VD-400SGD and VD-500 are characterized by smooth welding current control, welding process stability, formation of high-quality welding joints with insignificant spillage of filler metal, easy arc starting, and forced cooling.
These rectifier-type welding units are used for manual arc welding, metal arc cutting, and welding deposition when performing welding works for manufacturing metallic structures and equipment parts, including welding works in severe operating conditions at metallurgic plants, metal mining industry enterprises, chemical enterprises, construction sites, oil pipelines, gas pipelines, and other objects.


  • The general-purpose rectifier-type welding units VD-400SGD and VD-401SGD with arcing stabilization can be used for manual arc welding, metal arc cutting, and welding deposition in manufacturing metallic structures from steels and aluminium alloys.
  • The welding units ensure the high quality of welding joints in welding with electrodes of all types, including electrodes with cellulose coating, insignificant spillage of filler metal, easy arc starting, enhanced arc stretchability, and smooth filling of the weld end crater.
  • The rectifier-type welding units VD-400SGD and VD-401SGD can successfully be used for alternating-current (AC) and direct-current (DC) welding with coated electrodes, and as low-cost welding units AC/DC. In direct-current welding, the arc voltage is maintained at 17 V level due to the special design of the inductance choke, providing the formation of a virtually continuous arc, which is possible due to the exclusion of currentless intervals in welding.
  • The welding units contain a special module for increasing open-circuit voltage in pulse current welding mode to 75 V, providing the possibility to significantly improve initial conditions for welding (Hot Start function). The welding units provide the same welding quality as in welding with rectifier-type welding unit VD-306, using coated electrodes. In alternating-current welding, the welding units operate as a STSH-400 welding transformer with arcing stabilization.

For alternating-current welding, the VD welding units are the most popular due to the reliability, service life, and low cost of the units. The arc stabilization module designed by the Pilot-Producing Plant together with the Electric Welding Institute provides the formation of stabilizing voltage pulses up to 600 V, 100 Hz, for maintaining arcing at instants when the welding current passes the zero level. Because of this, the VD welding units can be used, instead of high-cost welding units, for alternating- current welding with electrodes of any type, as well as for argon-arc welding of any metals, such as aluminium, copper, stainless steel, and other metals in cases when the contact arc starting is allowed.

Rated power supply voltage, 50 Hz(V)3x380
Rated welding current (A)315
Operating load factor (%)60
Open-circuit voltage (V)65
Welding current range (A)125-315
Maximum consumed power (kVA)22
Overall dimensions (mm)760x610x770
Weight (kg)125
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