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Rectifier Paton VMG-5000 is designed for power supply to posts (30) by multioperator welding in carbon dioxide or manual arc welding with covered electrodes, as well as for mechanized flux welding. The device shows high reliability, easiness in use and service, high efficiency. It has water cooling. This rectifier can be used as a power source for arc gouging.


  • Power supply to the posts (max 30) at voltage Uxx = 60V by manual arc welding. Each post must have a thyristor transformer with a low-voltage converter (chopper) or a ballast resistor.
  • Power supply to the posts (max 15) during simultaneous operation of posts at the currents of 315A by welding in carbon dioxide.
  • Power supply for 2 arc gouging posts at the currents of 2500A or 4 posts at the currents of 1250A when the jumpers are set to ensure Uxx = 60V.
  • Power supply to electro-slag devices (welding and refining) and for plasma technologies.
  • Power supply to several automatic arc welding or surfacing posts.
  • Power supply to electrolysis machines.

The rectifier welding unit is composed of the powerful line transformer, the up-to-date rectifier module with the improved air cooling system. Using the up-to-date element base and materials allowed reducing  materially the weight and dimensioning specifications, to increase the product service life and duration, to improve its maintainability.
As compared to the similar multioperator rectifiers, the VDM-5000P has the better technical and economic parameters, modern design, extended service life.

Delivery set:

Parameter designationValue
Nominal supply voltage, V:3x380
Rated welding current, A:5 000
The duration of load100%
Open circuit voltage, V:30,35,40,50,60
Maximum power consumption, kVA:317
Weight, kg:1 900
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