• The rectifier-type welding unit
  • The certificate
  • The fuse VPB6-36, 2 A
  • The fuse VPB6-40, 6.3 A
  • The fuse VPB6-42, 10 A
  • The sealed inlet BSB 35-50
  • The cable connector plug
  • The tip 35 x 10


  • The connecting cables 3 ... 20 m in length
  • The ballast resistors (up to four resistive elements)
  • The power cable not less than 1.5 m in length
  • The electric connector plug
  • The welding helmet
The rectifier-type welding unit VS-650CP is designed for performing welding works in supersevere conditions (at such objects as open pit mines, coal mines, and pipelines). The welding unit is used for semi-automatic arc welding and welding deposition at welding currents up to 650 A. In the semi-automatic welding mode, the welding voltage can be controlled in steps.


  • The welding unit VS 650-CP with a rigid volt-ampere characteristic is insensitive to high and low temperatures, dust, and moisture. The welding unit is designed for single-operator manual arc welding and for semi-automatic arc welding or welding deposition at welding currents up to 650 A.
  • It is possible to use the welding unit for multi-operator manual arc welding at current 400 A in two-operator welding mode, 315 A in three-operator welding mode, and 250 A in four-operator welding mode. In a multi- operator welding mode, welding is performed at the maximum open-circuit voltage, with an individual current control at each welding station by using a ballast resistor RB-304.
  • In semi-automatic welding, control of welding voltage is performed by steps (27 voltage steps). The high power margin allows welding to be performed at a distance of more than 50 m between the welding unit and the welding wire feeding unit. In such case, the welding unit is specially suited for welding when performing installation works, for example, in operation together with a welding wire feeding unit BP-608.
  • Additionally to the basic inductance choke, the welding unit contains a parametric inductance choke, which allows the quality of welding joints to be significantly increased due to the stabilization of the welding process parameters, provided by the parametric inductance choke, and the possibility to control short-circuit current at instants when drops of the melted electrode metal enter the weld pool. Additionally to the power winding, the parametric inductance choke contains an auxiliary winding used for controlling the inductance of the choke and, as a result, controlling short-circuit current in transients.
  • Due to these characteristic features, metal during welding is transferred by fine drops and, as a result, losses of electrode metal due to burn-out and spillage are reduced, burning of alloying elements is excluded, metal oxidation is reduced, formation of a welding joint is improved, particularly in welding of thin metal parts, and performance of vertical and overhead welds is facilitated. On the facing panel, the welding unit contains four special input terminals for connecting ballast resistors or current suppressors when performing manual welding works.
ParameterVS-650SR DC MIG/MAG MMA
Rated power supply voltage, 50 Hz (V)3х380
Rated welding current (A)650
Operating load factor (%)80
Maximum consumed power (kVA)42
Overall dimensions (length x width x height) (mm)980х750х790
Weight (kg)200
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