Advantages of PATON™ products

Advantages of PATON™ welding equipment:

  • 5 years equipment warranty
  • Exclusive use of high-quality parts and components
  • Full compliance of declared characteristics with the actual ones
  • Low power consumption and small size
  • Unique multifunctional performance and ease of use
  • Loyal terms of service maintenance
  • Upscale accessories included

Advantages of PATON™ welding electrodes:

  • Advanced formula for the comfortable welding
  • Improved security of welder health
  • High performance and environmental friendliness
  • Wide range of interaction with the metals

Benefits of cooperation with the Paton Pilot Plant:

  • 60 years on the market of welding equipment
  • Unblemished reputation
  • Domestic facilities in Ukraine
  • Profitable and clear cooperation conditions
  • Professional technical and advisory support of clients
  • Processing of the newest technologies and researches
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