Company culture of Paton Pilot Plant is based on a commitment to the highest standards of quality, respect, honesty and professional development. Basic ethical principles underlie the relationship the management has with staff members, partners and clients.

Paton Pilot Plant encourages all staff members to recognize the importance of their contribution to the company development through uncompromised commitment to quality and attention to clients and their requirements.

Since 1959, Paton Pilot Plant is continually evolving, attracting experienced professionals and industrious experts to its team. Special trainings promote professional and personal growth of employees, thus each team member can contribute to overall prosperity.

Intellectual potential and experience are the key factors of successful development of the company, so Paton Pilot Plant seeks the most talented and promising specialists for its team.

For more information please contact the Human Resources Department:
+38 044 259 40 00
+38 050 348 08 75
Head of Human Resources

Paton Pilot Plant is seeking exceptional professionals to replenish its team, ensuring the confidentiality of any information about applicant. All received applications are stored in our database and regularly reviewed to fill open vacancies.

Open vacancies
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